Prep Boys Lax – RPI and Playoff picture

A big week in the Prep coming up as we move to close out the month of April.

Toughest schedule of the week for RPI top 15 ranked teams belong to the following:

Tied for #14 Loomis who plays T6 Deerfield on Wed and T3 Exeter on Sat
Tied for #11 Andover who plays T12 Trinity Pawling on Wed and T6 Deerfield on Sat night
Tied for #3 Exeter who plays T8 New Hampton on Wed and T14 Loomis on Sat
Tied for #6 Deerfield who plays T14 Loomis on Wed and T11 Andover on Sat night

If a top 16 RPI playoff bracket were to be announced today the seedings would look like this as of April 25th
(excluding Lawrenceville and MB as they have not played enough games against quality Prep teams and excluding Hill Ontario, IMG and Navy as they will not meet the minimum required games against Preps in the RPI to win the Prep National Title):

Prep National Title Playoff Picture as of April 25th, 2017 where anything could happen
*out of 70 boys teams in the RPI

#16 Salisbury @ #1 Exeter
#15 Andover @ #2 Brunswick
#14 Holderness @ #3 St. Sebastian’s
#13 Governor’s @ #4 Taft
#12 Milton @ #5 Avon
#11 Rivers @ #6 Deerfield
#10 Brewster @ #7 Nobles
#9 New Hampton @ #8 Belmont Hill

FULL RPI rankings can be found here: